Psychotherapy for Children, Adults, and Families

Areas of Practice

Play Therapy

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed my work with children.  Play therapy allows children, usually 2-11 years of age, to express themselves through play.  I have  a separate office specifically for this use, just down the hall from my main office.  It includes a dollhouse, puppets, play kitchen, animal figures, games and a big bear for children to feel secure in working through the challenges facing them.  We also utilize a lot of art as a tool to help in emotional expression.

Family Therapy

In working with children and adolescents, family therapy is a necessity.  Both the client and family are intricately connected.  I come from a family systems approach.  A nice reference is Good Therapy.

Group Therapy

Periodically, I enjoy working with a number of clients challenged by the same issue.  In the past, I have led post-partum, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, children of divorce, trauma, grief and loss, and parenting support groups.  When I find several clients experiencing one of these challenges, I offer a group format to supplement the individual therapy being provided.  

Individual Therapy

My framework of practice utilizes a number of techniques.  After close to 20 years in practice, I have found a mixture of approaches works best.  Some of my more common approaches are cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-dynamic, systems, humanistic/existential, and emotion focused.  I always come from a client-centered, empowerment and strength based model.  A nice website that gives a good summary of numerous techniques is Good Therapy.


One of my favorite professional activities is supervising mental health professionals.  Throughout my career, I have supervised over 40 students are graduates obtaining their licenses to independently practice.  Currently, I have a monthly LCSW group.  


Couples Therapy

I strongly believe in Emotionally Focused Therapy in working with couples.  Research teaches us it is the top form of treatment for couples.   Couples defined all types of relationship (married, pre-marital, living together, dating heterosexual, homosexual, etc).  I enjoy working with all types of couples on their togetherness journey.  



Part of psychotherapy practice involves support from colleagues.  While done in a confidential manner, it helps to receive guidance form others.  Please feel free to contact me if you interested in our consultation group.